juicypop enhanced networks

the #awarenessnetwork ethics blockchain

Some of us want to "change the world”. . 

I want to provide an exchange for the world.  

a place to discover and contribute truths, across a broad spectrum of topics, starting with #polticaltech, powered by the best minds on the planet, who are funded with micropayments and who supports the causes that you love, with full disclosure within the network, which will spawn the first truly global 'rings of trust’, to the public, with an enriched dataset, providing an indelible record of humankind and discovery, for generations to come.






Interested? Contact c3w at juicypop dot net

UPDATE :: AWRE token is now live @


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{ for immediate release } juicypop enhanced networks

Greetings User.

juicypop is having a revival :: from its 2o02 origins, of data-center build-outs for dotcoms' in locale SoMA/SF, to agile projecmanagement and embedded devops for your existing or fledgling teams.

and yes, I designed that logo myself :)

anyway. . . we have a small team, available to work with your co., from system designcode, and agile frameworks for infrastructure that makes sense.

we hover in the _virtual rooms, drive the scrums, contribute to the well-being of your staff,lay down and pick up technical stories, and contribute to the club culture.


a typical client of juicypop :: our Products _

{ reorganization } you have or want agile, a new slate to clear technical debt, new systems and practices to start with one or more teams or products. juicypop delivers results, litera\\y.this project itself is tracked as a deliverable, along with your own.

{ infrastructure } we write code. we embed into your team, online, oncall, we build your heard of cattle servers, gates, and moo. specialties are anything unix-like, legacy-to-current,advisors to best-practice tech.

{ canary } an introduction to best-practices of human and technical resources. a cheerleader of talent, tech, and longevity of all-the-things. this can be a fast-track into our other offerings. includes observational reports.


interest? :_mailto_ : info@juicypop.net :