juicypop enhanced networks

{ for immediate release } juicypop enhanced networks

Greetings User.

juicypop is having a revival :: from its 2o02 origins, of data-center build-outs for dotcoms' in locale SoMA/SF, to agile projecmanagement and embedded devops for your existing or fledgling teams.

and yes, I designed that logo myself :)

anyway. . . we have a small team, available to work with your co., from system designcode, and agile frameworks for infrastructure that makes sense.

we hover in the _virtual rooms, drive the scrums, contribute to the well-being of your staff,lay down and pick up technical stories, and contribute to the club culture.


a typical client of juicypop :: our Products _

{ reorganization } you have or want agile, a new slate to clear technical debt, new systems and practices to start with one or more teams or products. juicypop delivers results, litera\\y.this project itself is tracked as a deliverable, along with your own.

{ infrastructure } we write code. we embed into your team, online, oncall, we build your heard of cattle servers, gates, and moo. specialties are anything unix-like, legacy-to-current,advisors to best-practice tech.

{ canary } an introduction to best-practices of human and technical resources. a cheerleader of talent, tech, and longevity of all-the-things. this can be a fast-track into our other offerings. includes observational reports.


interest? :_mailto_ : info@juicypop.net :